World Figure Skating Championships 2006 (Calgary, Canada)

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The Mens Qualifying Round
March 20, 2006

Joubert opened his program to the Matrix soundtrack with a quadruple-triple toeloop combination (but he did a three turn out of the last jump) followed by a triple flip-double toe-double toe and a triple Axel. The Frenchman also completed a triple Lutz, Flip and toeloop as well as good spins, but he doubled both the loop and Salchow. Joubert scored 136.20 points (64.00/72.20).

I suddenly felt tired, thats too bad, because the beginning of the program was super strong and I think it has been a long time since I felt so good. Maybe I made a few errors later, but Im still satisfied. I wasnt tired for the loop (he doubled), it was really just for the Salchow, for the last two jumps, the 21-year-old explained. Lord of the Dance was a too difficult program for me. I chose Matrix, because Matrix was always my best program, he answered when asked why he went back to an old program.

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The Mens Short Program
March 21, 2006

I felt good from the very beginning. The quad (toe) didnt take off well, but I saved the jump. I wasnt perfect on the quad, but I did the triple (for the combination). Thats great. The score is great, 80 points is what I wanted, Joubert commented. When Im competing, Im always going for a medal. The most important thing is to feel good in the program. I felt very good after the Qualifying with my quad-triple (toeloop) and my triple Axel, and I told myself that bodes well for the Short Program, but the others have been skating well, and there was a lot of stress.

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The Mens Free Skating
March 23, 2006

Second to skate in the final group was Brian Joubert. He looked focused when he took his starting position. Skating to The Matrix, the Frenchman nailed a quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop combination, a triple flip-double toeloop, a triple Axel and then another quadruple toeloop right in front of his coach Andrei Berezintsev who threw his arms up in triumph. Joubert went on to complete a triple loop, flip, Lutz and Salchow as well as good spins to achieve a new personal best score of 156.47 points (79.99 element score/76.48 program component score).

The 21-year-old racked up a total score of 270.83 points and moved up one spot. Joubert had gone back to his old program The Matrix with which has had his most success for far, when he won the 2004 European Championships and the silver at Worlds. I was confident before my Free Skating. I was very happy about it. I did a Free Program with two quads, this was very important for me. The season was difficult. My Free Skating program (Lord of the Dance) was too difficult for me. I love the music, but it was too much for me. Therefore I didnt perform it well. When I went back to Matrix, it was magic. My jumps were good after two days. 2005 wasnt a good season and this one was difficult. Its gerat to win this medal. Two silver medals are good. I can be World Champion, I know that, Joubert commented.


Interview ESPN (Peter Carruthers)

PC: Brian, you were very emotional just moments ago, why?

BJ: Because you know to do a competition like this, for me it is perfect. After the Olympics it was very difficult for me to come back to France because the French TV, the French journalists were very difficult with me, with my family and with my whole team. So it was not easy for me to do a competition like I did.

PC: You went back to the Matrix program. What is it about that program that gave you the confidence to skate that well?

BJ: Yeah, I feel very good with this program. I did my best season with this program and when I came back right after the Olympics, two days after it was perfect. My jumps was perfect. My short program was good also so. But I don't know why, it was magic.

PC: Well two good quads. Congratulations Brian Joubert.

BJ: Thank you.

Interview ESPN (Kurt Browning, Terry Gannon)

TG: Its James Bond everyone... Well thats the short program. Brian Joubert, the silver medallist this year. And congratulations first of all

BJ: Thank you.

TG: You go back to the matrix program for your free skate, one in which you won the silver medal with a few years ago at the worlds. Keanu Reeves is good for you.

BJ: Yeah this program for me is very good and I feel very confident with this program and umright after the Olympic game, um I decided to come back to the matrix program and I think it was a good idea

KB: Lets have a look, if were lucky, we get to seeheres your quadwhat are you thinking when you look at yourself do this?

TG: Perfect.

BJ: It was good.

KB: Cest magnifique!

BJ: Cest magnifique, yeah.

KB: You looked different this whole week when I was watching practices at the corale (?), I actually didnt recognize your silhouette, you thinned out. Fighting weight.

BJ: Yeah you know um, I dont know but when I came back to this program everything was good, it was magic you know, my jumps was good you know and I did very good practices here

KB: Very good

BJ: And um so, I did it with no question.

TG: Its the same costume right, did it fit, when you put I back on?

BJ: Yeah.

TG: You talked about giving up dessert after the Olympics.

BJ: No but you know after the Olympics I didnt eat dessert after lunch and it was ok

KB: This is good advice for everyone, you kids at home, give up the dessert

TG: You can be world silver medallist if you give up the dessert! So can you go back to dessert now that youve won?

BJ: Now, its okay.

TG: Thank you for coming up here to talk to us. Have a good time today Have some rest.

BJ: Thank you

TG: Brian Joubert, the man from France.

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